I'm Ernie Paschall. I live in Research Triangle Park, where I enjoy innovating.

I have a diverse and extensive career in software engineering spanning over three decades. Currently, I serve as the Director of Software Engineering at Martin Marietta, leading teams in the development, implementation, and maintenance of world-class systems. I emphasize agile methodologies and facilitate cross-pollination between mobile, web, and middleware technologies.

In my previous role as Sr. Manager of Software Development at Martin Marietta, I focused on the design, implementation, and maintenance of mobile and web applications, fostering a hands-on leadership style with a commitment to agile practices.

As the Solutions Architect Team Lead at Martin Marietta, I led teams in developing mobile and web applications, contributing to the company's technological evolution. Additionally, I founded Byte Firm, Inc., a consulting corporation, where I undertook diverse projects, including integration work on Best Buy's point-of-sale systems and the creation of SaaS web applications.

Earlier experiences include roles at Lexis Nexis, ANX, Teradata, and others, where I demonstrated expertise in full-stack development, UI overhauls, and leadership in web application development. I have worked with a wide range of technologies, including Java, C#, Node.js, T-SQL, PL-SQL, and various cloud platforms.

Throughout my professional journey, I have consistently prioritized agile methodologies, continuous integration, virtualization, and cloud platforms. My dedication to fostering innovation is exemplified by my involvement in architecting successful microservice applications and spearheading open-source projects dedicated to advancing agile methodologies.

I possess a strong foundation in software engineering, having worked on diverse projects for notable organizations, and my leadership style emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and adaptability.